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Patrick Dempsey: ‘Don’t Call Me McDreamy’

Sex symbol still wounded over 'Grey's' farewell!

patrick dempsey greys anatomy mcdreamy
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Patrick Dempsey turned into the real McCrabby when a die-hard “Grey’s Anatomy” fan spotted him lunching alfresco at the swanky Chateau Marmont!

The innocent fan gushed at his table, “I can’t believe it’s actually McDreamy — in the flesh!”

Said a garden gab: “The starstruck gal was so excited to meet the famously handsome actor, but her smile faded fast — he cringed, snapping, ‘Please don’t call me that!’”

Explained the insider: “Patrick hates the old nickname. Especially since power producer Shonda Rhimes brutally made the dreamboat doc draw his McFinal breath!”