MICHAEL JACKSON’s daughter PARIS is des­perately trying to fill the void left by her fa­ther’s death – by dreaming of a romance with an older man, an expert believes.

What’s more, a recent flurry of posts on Twitter indicates that the 14-year-old is rest­less and planning to escape the clutches of her overbearing fam­ily – especially her controlling grandmother Katherine.

“Paris can’t wait to be out on her own,” said a source. “She’s happy in her own skin and ready for life and love away from her family.”

The only daughter of the late King of Pop has been tweet­ing her innermost thoughts in recent months – and an expert who examined her Internet posts agrees that Paris is longing for the father figure she lost when dad Michael tragically died of an overdose in June 2009.

In one tweet, Paris said: “One day I want to find love like John and Yoko” – a reference to Bea­tles great John Lennon’s love for wife Yoko Ono.

“John Lennon lived in a fish bowl – much like Paris’ late dad, Michael,” a source ex­plained to The ENQUIRER. “But unlike Michael, Paris feels John found true, unconditional love with Yoko, and they re­mained that way until he was murdered in 1980.

“Obviously, Paris is dream­ing of an ideal life and romance like that – away from her family and everyone else.

“It wouldn’t surprise anyone if she found love at a relatively young age, and it will probably be an older guy – a father fig­ure.”

DR. JUDY KURIANSKY, a noted psychologist from New York, believes Paris views John and Yoko’s relationship as the “epitome of totally devoted love.”

“She wants nothing less than what she perceives to be the mature, supportive but intense, love these two icons shared,” Dr. Kuriansky told The ENQUIRER. “She’d wel­come an older, more mature relationship that would give her the security and support she misses since her father died.”

Paris and her brothers – Prince, 15, and Blanket, 10 – have lived most of their lives out of the spotlight, and their guardians, grandmother Katherine and cousin T.J., keep them under close supervision.

But Paris has proven to be quite a handful. She’s battled 82-year-old Katherine over the clothes she wears and her choice in friends. She even openly tweeted that she thought the senior boys in her high school were “hot.”

According to Dr. Kuriansky, it’s a clear indication that Paris, who signed on to star in the combination live action-ani­mated film “Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys” a year ago, doesn’t want to be viewed as the average 14-year-old.

“From her tweets, I get the picture of a very ambitious and headstrong young woman who mourns the loving, supportive relationship she had with her father,” said Dr. Kuriansky. “And she’s looking for a simi­lar safe and secure coupling so that she can move forward in her life and career.”