Going Steady!

Paris Jackson ‘In Love’ With Her Older Man

New boyfriend is twice her age!

paris jackson & trevor donovan

Paris Jackson is flashing her daddy issues!

The 19-year-old wild child has hooked up with actor Trevor Donovan — who, at 38, is literally TWICE her age!

“Trevor makes Paris feel safe,” snitched a source to The National ENQUIRER. “They’ve fallen in love, and it’s given Paris a whole new outlook on life. She’s had emotional problems, but Trevor’s made her a lot calmer.”

With her troubled past, Paris has naturally sought someone older and, hopefully, wiser, said an expert.

Paris Jackson Breakdown — The Video They Couldn’t Hide

“From doubts about her actual parentage to the loss of the only father she ever knew at such a young age, it’s clear she’s looking for someone who will stand by her in times of difficulty,” said mental health professional Dr. Gilda Carle, who has not treated her.

But Dr. Gilda, author of “Don’t Lie on Your Back for a Guy Who Doesn’t Have Yours,” warned Paris, who last dated drummer Michael Snoddy, should beware.

“He’s an actor looking to build a career and she has wealth, fame and a bright future,” Dr. Gilda explained. “She has to be careful of anyone who wants to hook themselves to her wagon.”