Paris Jackson Tells Mom To Lose Weight… Or Die!

Debbie Rowe

Five years after the death of her beloved dad, Paris Jackson has put mom Debbie Rowe on a diet – because she’s terrified she’ll die young, say insiders.

The pretty 16-year-old fears Debbie, 55, will follow in the tragic footsteps of the King of Pop, who passed away at age 50 in Los Angeles.

She’s frightened because her 5-foot-9 mom crushes the scales at almost 300 pounds – and her weight has doubled since she divorced Michael in 1999.

“She needs to lose 100 pounds at least,” revealed a Jackson family insider. “She is bordering on morbidly obese. “

Paris is trying to get her mom to eat healthy and stop raiding the fridge so much, but it’s difficult because Debbie loves comfort food.

“She eats big platefuls of everything that’s bad and gets very little exercise.”

But Paris is desperately trying to change all that. She’s researching healthy recipes and is trying to get her mom to work out.

“It’s a thankless task – Debbie is so set in her ways,” said the source.

In recent months Paris has become close to former nurse Debbie, who was married to Michael for three years and is also the mother of his oldest child, Prince, 17.

In fact, the teen, who’s been receiving treatment for depression at a Utah boarding school, plans to spend most of her summer break with Debbie at her Los Angeles- area horse ranch.

And she’s cooked up a surprising scheme to get her mom motivated, claimed the source.

She wants her to go on TV’s “The Biggest Loser”!

The compassionate youngster also wants to ensure Debbie is fit and trim for her upcoming marriage to Michael’s former business manager Marc Schaffel, and she’s asked Paris to be her bridesmaid.

Said the source: “Paris hopes the wedding will give her the incentive she needs. She’ll want to look slim on her wedding day!”