Paris Jackson Meltdown Fears!

Paris jackson meltdown fears ne short

Still-fragile Paris Jackson has abandoned mom Debbie Rowe, and pals fear she’s headed for a dramatic relapse to the same demons that drove her to a suicide attempt.

“Everyone thought she was back on track,” said a pal, “but now it looks like she’s on the verge of a meltdown.”

As The National ENQUIRER reported, troubled Paris slashed her wrists and guzzled pills in 2013.

In the aftermath of the suicide bid, Michael Jackson’s daughter had grown closer to her mother.

But now The ENQUIRER can reveal Debbie, 56, hasn’t seen her daughter in over a year.

According to a family insider, relatives are terrified after Paris, 17, revealed her fragile state on social media.

“In video clips with her 18-year-old boyfriend, Chester Castellaw, Paris acts crazy,” said the pal. “She grabs hold of his face and sings: ‘This is my baby, if you flirt with him, touch him, talk to him, think about him, or even look at him, I will slit your throat!’”

One psychologist who saw this footage concluded: “This is definitely not healthy.”

As The ENQUIRER reported, Paris was planning to get hitched when she turns 18!

“I’m afraid if she tries to push Chester into marriage, he’ll dump her, then all hell will break loose,” added the source.