INSIDE PARIS JACKSON’s hush-hush horse-therapy at a top-secret school.

The troubled 15-year-old has been holed up at the exclusive school in Utah ever since she left hospital after slicing her wristswith a meat cleaver before swallowing 20 Ibuprofen pills in a desperate attempt to take her own life, RadarOnline reported.

But now Paris is holed up in a therapeutic boarding school in Utah under the pseudonym “Frankie”. The school boasts about its “equine-assisted psychotherapy” on its website.

Paris love of horses began when she spent time with her birth mother Debbie Rowe at her horse ranch in Palmdale, Calif.

Rowe family friend Lisa DeJaynes runs a horse therapy centre called Saddles Up near Debbie’s Painted Desert Ranch.

“Horses can solve ALL her problems,” DeJaynes said.

“Paris will feel a bond with the horse, have a relationship with the workers and start building relationships up again. It’s a safe place away from the cameras.

“Horse therapy in schools like where Paris is are a great idea. It keeps their mind occupied and rather than thinking about themselves, they need to look after another individual. They will be responsible for the animal.

 “There’s no judgement, just unconditional love. Just by touching, brushing and riding it, they can start feeling better.

“It’s empowering and gives them perspective on their own lives.”