PARIS HILTON is seething with jealousy over America’s love affair with Jersey Shore queen – SNOOKI!

While the outrageous Garden State bombshell is a camera magnet, pathetic Paris is so desperate for attention these days that she’s stooped to arranging photo ops for the paparazzi!

"It’s kind of sad," an insider told The ENQUIRER. "Paris is so yesterday’s news. It infuriates her that Snooki is the new sensation."

Paris, 29, burst on the reality TV scene as Nicole Richie‘s co-star in The Simple Life seven years ago. Since then, her career has been overshadowed by booze and drug arrests.

These days, she’s "constantly moaning how she feels washed up," says the source.

And it’s the 4-foot-9 "gidget" Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi who has become the target of Paris’ ire.

"She calls Snooki a ‘little troll’ and mocks her whenever her name comes up," divulged the insider.

Earlier this month,  Paris had her publicist distribute pictures of her and boyfriend Cy Waits in their Halloween costumes, hoping they’d be picked up by the media, the source revealed.

But even a well-timed wardrobe malfunction – when the top portion of Paris’ barely-there bikini costume slipped off – couldn’t drum up much interest.

Meanwhile, paps went cuckoo for pix of Snooki, who turns 23 tomorrow, dressed as her favorite snack food – a pickle – at a Vegas party.

"Paris is furious that she’s been replaced by a new generation of reality stars," added the source.