Paranoid, Boozed-Up Rants of Kristin Cavallari’s Crazed Brother

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Michael Cavallari, brother of “The Hills” star Kristin Cavallari, was terrified: “The CIA is coming to get me!”

Just months after he uttered that bizarre proclamation, he was dead.

Tenants at Michael’s ritzy California home recall plenty of odd behavior from the troubled 30-year-old.

“A few times we’d see him ranting in the backyard, shouting that the CIA was coming to get him,” said the tenant of Michael’s father, Dennis.

“He seemed paranoid, completely out of it.”

That tale is just part of a complex portrait of Michael that has emerged following the discovery of his corpse in a remote Utah desert wasteland after a two-week search.

A close pal, Steve Doyle, spoke exclusively to The National ENQUIRER about Michael’s deep descent into madness.

“He wanted out of California and was struggling with alcohol and wanted to get away from everything,” said Steve.

The ENQUIRER can reveal Michael was arrested Nov. 23 after frightening a California woman with a shotgun.

In 2012, Michael was arrested for petty theft and spent two days in the slammer.

The next year, he scored a DUI bust in Overland Park, Kan., and that happened again in 2014 — this time in Orange County, Calif.

“He was a guy who never really found his way, I guess,” said Steve. ”Mix in drugs and alcohol and it’s a toxic mix. It saddens me.”