Having twins doesn’t spell double trouble for “Godfather” star Al Pacino.

The 61-year-old actor leaves the messy work to their mom, Beverly D’Angelo, while he lives in a hotel and pops over to play with the children or take them out for a romp.

Beverly, 49, gave birth to Anton and Olivia on January 25 –and has been up to her neck with diapers and feedings ever since.

Pacino is content with his supporting role and thoroughly enjoys the time he gets to spend with his twins.

“It’s a wacky situation,” a friend of Al’s told The ENQUIRER.

Beverly lives in Los Angeles, and Al can be found at his home in New York or at a Santa Monica hotel.

“Beverly wishes Al would pitch in a little more when he’s in town, but at his age he has no interest in changing diapers and wiping baby food off the walls,” disclosed the friend. But Al has rushed over — even in the middle of the night — when Beverly called for help.

The perky actress, who does have a nanny, makes sure the babies get to know their father — even when he isn’t around.

“Beverly records Al’s voice — then plays it for the babies while they’re sleeping,” said the friend. “She wants them to know who Daddy is and to recognize his voice when he comes over.”

Divulged a close source: “There’s no doubt that Al loves Beverly and he loves the kids just as much. When they’re out together as a family, Al is the proudest papa on the planet.”