"Maverick" Sarah Palin turns on McCain Campaign.

Things have gotten so dicey on the campaign trail that the Alaska governor power abuser is contradicting what her running mate Sen. John McCain is saying, hoping to distance herself and come out looking clean as a Kodiak cougar.

Last week she ignored  McCain McMaverick  aides and strolled over to chat nonchalantly with press corps at a Colorado event.

She told a Christian news outlet she would support a Constitutional ban on same sex marriages which J-Mac opposes.  She told press it was a mistake for the GOP to consider Michigan as a lost state and the use of McCain robo-calls she termed "irritating."

The mother of Teen Age Prego Queen of Wasilla was particularly rankled when the disclosure of the GOP’s $150,000 beauty make over on clothes and hair & makeup was made public.

"She’s now positioning herself for her own future," a McCain insider told The NY Post. "Of course, this is bad for John. It looks like no one is in charge."

A GOP strategist told the NY tab, "She’s a lot savvier, politically speaking, than people give her credit for."

That or she’s distancing herself altogether in hopes of landing a post election gig as a Oprah-type chat host.