Repeat Offender!

Ozzy Osbourne Had Steady Stream Of Mistresses

Rocker’s wife Sharon covered up the dirty details

Left Photo: Hairstylist Michelle Pugh Wearing Black Tank and Sunglasses, Right Photo: Distressed Sharon Osbourne With Husband Ozzy Osbourne
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When Ozzy Osbourne’s former mistress Michelle Pugh came forward to spill about their affair, the steamy details barely scratched the surface of his sexual shenanigans, according to an insider close to the “Crazy Train” rocker! “There were MANY other mistresses,” chortled an insider about the 70-year-old bat-biting heavy metal idol.

The source said Ozzy’s wife, The Talk co-host Sharon, 67, knew about his faithless flings and went to great lengths to keep his endless indiscretions from the public!

“There was a woman at his AA meeting who overdosed and died — and Sharon accused him of sleeping with her!” said the source. “She literally made him go to a different AA meeting because of her.”

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Sharon later admitted she fed Ozzy extra sleeping pills so he would drowsily confess his infidelities!

As The National ENQUIRER reported, Ozzy and Sharon’s 37-year marriage supposedly hit the skids in 2016 after she found emails he had sent to mistress Michelle, a hairstylist, leading her to boot him from their L.A. mansion. But even Sharon confessed she knew the cheating didn’t end there!

“There wasn’t just one woman, there were six of them,” she said of her husband’s bottomless betrayals. “Some f–king Russian teenager … then a masseuse in England … our masseuse out here” in L.A., “and then our cook!”

Ironically, when Ozzy and Sharon initially began dating he was still with first wife Thelma Riley.

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Despite the couple’s rocky history, insiders said the two will never part.

“Sharon knows where all the bodies are buried,” snitched the source. “It’s too scary for him to leave her!”

Ozzy didn’t respond to The ENQUIRER’s request for comment.