Ozzy Osbourne’s Batty Over Sex — Mistress Tells All

Hairdresser is spilling while Sharon seethes!

ozzy osbourne sex addict mistress

Ozzy Osbourne has patched things up with wife and manager Sharon Osbourne — but his mistress of four years is dishing all the details of their extramarital ecstasy!

“When I say he gave me the greatest love of my life, I mean it,” stylist Michelle Pugh gushes about the 67-year-old rocker — after his daughter Kelly angrily published her phone number on the internet!

“He made me feel like the most beautiful and worshipped woman in the world.”

Michelle says the pair clicked when she colored Ozzy’s hair back in 2011.

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“What attracted me to him? Chemistry,” she sighs.

“We just had it. It’s that indescribable thing in life, and you can’t deny it. And he didn’t.”

Ozzy’s denying all that now, though!

He’s writing off his affair with Michelle (as well as encounters with other women) as part of a sex addiction.