Secret Love Scandal

Ozzy Osbourne’s Mistress Breaks her Silence

Michelle Pugh has lifted lid on 2016 affair.

Inset of Michelle Pugh, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
MEGA; Shutterstock

Cheater Ozzy Osbourne’s ex-mistress, Michelle Pugh, is finally speaking out on her affair with the rocker that left her down, depressed and clawing her way “out of the darkness!”

In a recent revealing Instagram post, the celebrity hair colorist unearthed a picture from three years ago — when the couple called it quits after Ozzy, 70, had allegedly been sleeping around behind wife Sharon’s back — and said: “The last three years have been one disaster after another.”

Michelle said her affair with the “Crazy Train” singer began in late 2011 after she first colored his hair — but it came to a screeching halt when Sharon, 67, got wind of the secret love scandal.

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“His phone numbers would change every 30 to 60 days,” said a National ENQUIRER source. “He’s cemented into a life that Sharon’s controlling.”

After Ozzy broke things off with Michelle and the affair went public, the insider said the celeb stylist fell into a “deep depression.”

Added the tipster: “Her career exploded. She couldn’t even take new clients!”

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According to Michelle’s post, she “gained 30lbs … quit two jobs” and “searched for love in all the wrong places.”

Finally bouncing back, she proclaimed: “To the haters, go F yourself. I am here and I’m doing me.”

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne did not respond to our requests for comment.