Baby Mama Drama!

Owen Wilson Hasn’t Met Year-Old Daughter!

Actor has cut all ties to baby mama

Owen Wilson Wearing Tux, Inaet Daughter Lyla and Ex Girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates
Shutterstock; Instagram

Owen Wilson shockingly has not met his year-old daughter, Lyla, and he was awfully quick to cut the cord — he changed his number as soon as he found out his baby mama was pregnant, insiders said!

A friend of Varunie Vongsvirates, Owen’s ex, revealed to The National ENQUIRER how the Wedding Crashers star crashed out of the relationship by cutting his daughter off completely, though he does provide financial support.

“When Varunie told Owen she was pregnant, he was not happy with that, and that was the last time they spoke. No, he didn’t check in with her throughout the pregnancy,” spilled the concerned chum.

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“He’s never met his daughter, and then he gave Varunie no heads-up that he was changing his number!”

And that’s not all! “What makes it harder is, he’s close to his sons. That’s a double hit,” the pal said.

“They were together for four years. It wasn’t just a booty call!”