Cloris Leachman‘s steamy hookups – both on and off screen!

The Last Picture Show star and beloved Frau Blucher of Young Frankenstein opens up in a shocking new tell-all memoir about her love affair with fellow Oscar winner Gene Hackman when they were both shooting in San Francisco back in the 1970s!

"As we moved into the main course, it was as if a cosmic wind enveloped us,’ Cloris writes in her best Barbara Cartland seductive prose.

"Some giant space magnet was pulling us together. We didn’t finish the meal.

"We went upstairs, flew into bed and made love. It was epic.

"And the next morning, Gene went back to his film and I went back to mine.

"I haven’t seen Gene since that night, but I remember well the feisty lad he was."

Translation: an orgiastic time was enjoyed by all.