A bombshell new lawsuit exposes a shocking side of OPRAH WINFREY, ripping the lid off her outrageous behind-the-scenes behavior – and an eyewitness charges she did her TV show "under the influence" of drugs.

The talk queen has gone on "racist rants," passed out on drugs, bullied employees and covered up her arrogant actions, according to legal documents and those close to the star.

The federal lawsuit, filed by a former employee, paints a startling picture of Oprah, 56, that viewers never see – and others who have worked for her have now stepped forward to tell all about the billionaire media mogul.

"They’re tired of the lies – that’s why they’re coming forward," a close source divulged.

"They’re most upset by the lies Oprah tells to cover up how she really acts behind the scenes. It had all been kept quiet until now – but some of her dirtiest secrets are finally being revealed."

In the lawsuit, flight attendant Corrine Gehrls is seeking more than $75,000 in damages, claiming she was wrongfully fired from working on Oprah’s private jet for alleged "inappropriate intimate behavior" with the plane’s chief pilot Terry Pansing on a June 14, 2009, flight.

Gehrls says she passed a polygraph test confirming she and the pilot did nothing wrong during the Spain to South Africa flight. What’s more, explosive new court papers claim that it would have been impossible for Oprah and other passengers to know what happened during the trip – because they were passed out on prescription drugs!

State the legal documents: "Winfrey, and the other passengers of the June 14 crew (with the exception of the security officer) slept throughout the flight following the ingestion of sleeping pills."

The image-shattering scandal has also caught Gayle King in its net.

The sensational court papers contain charges that on a 2008 flight of Oprah’s jet, King slept with male flight attendant Myron Gooch: "On that flight, as the jet was traveling from the Canary Islands to Chicago, Gooch accepted King’s offer to share the jet’s double bed with her.

"Winfrey knew of, but did nothing about, this highly intimate and un-professional flight conduct by Gooch."

The flight attendant responded to the charges – confirming to the court that he had indeed shared the sleeping accommodations with King – but he maintained that nothing improper took place.

The court records, filed in Chicago, also reveals a racist streak: "Winfrey commented…’white folks don’t know what southern food should taste like’."

Top New York defense attorney Bruce Baron  believes Oprah will have to pay to keep flight attendant Gehrls from exposing more secrets.

"She will try to have the case settled as soon as possible because of what is known as the ‘fear factor.’

"As a person who clearly values her privacy, Oprah would hate to see embarrassing details revealed about her.

"As a flight attendant working on her private jet, the plaintiff would have been privy to what she did and said.

"It could be very damaging to Oprah."