Oh behave! Ex-007 Sir Roger Moore‘s naughty sex toy.

Sir Roger revealed in new tell-all tome My Word is My Bond that on  the set of his last James Bond flick A View to a Kill he warred with costar Grace Jones (May Day) and then made peace by surprising her in bed  with a very bawdy accessory.

Moore took umbrage with Grace’s ignoring his desperate pleas to lower the "dreadful" rock blaring from her trailer.

Finally, "I marched into her room, pulled the plug out and then went back to my room, picked up a chair and flung it at the wall," the debonair thesp revealed.

When it came time for the traditional seduction scene between Bond and a co-star, Moore achieved peace  with Grace with an accessory not provided by props or Q  — a long black sex toy.

"I slipped (it) in between the sheets," Moore winked. "Glad she though it was funny."

Otherwise it might have been the death of you, eh Mr. Bond?