GONE WITH WIND beauty faces THE END. 

In a sad ending to a bitter feud, screen legend Olivia de Havilland, one of the
 two surviving “Gone with the Wind” cast members, is suffering through her last days
 with a broken heart over
 not mending fences with 
sister and fellow actress Joan Fontaine, before Joan’s death last year.

Olivia – star of 1938’s “the Adventures of Robin Hood” – turned 98 on July 1.

She is suffering from multiple health issues, sources told The ENQUIRER.

“Olivia wanted to make it to 100, but has slid downhill since Joan passed away,” the source divulged.

The siblings stopped speak- ing in 1975.

“But Olivia always said they would talk again,” the source said.

“Time just ran out on them and she carries guilt for not reaching out to her sister.”

Olivia remains close to her daughter Gisele Galante. But an insider says, “(Gisele) lives in L.A. and isn’t with Olivia daily.”