O.J. Simpson’s Twisted Lust For Feminized Bruce Jenner!


He may have bedded KRIS JENNER when she was married to lawyer ROBERT KARDASHIAN, but now O.J. SIMPSON has the hots for her ex-hubby – BRUCE JENNER!

The disgraced football great hopes the gender-bending Olympian will be his prison bride, sources have told The National ENQUIRER.

“Bruce and O.J. have a lot in common,” said an insider. “They were two of the biggest sports stars of the ’70s, they ran in the same circles and they were adored by women everywhere!”

While O.J. beat the rap for the 1994 murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown and waiter Ron Goldman, he’s been locked up in a Nevada prison on armed robbery charges.

And as The ENQUIRER has reported, “The Juice,” 67, has indulged his sexual appetite at the jail.

We published an interview with former inmate, transsexual and prostitute, Jazmena Jameson, who claimed to have had unprotected sex more than once with O.J.

Now O.J. has been sending steamy letters to Bruce.

“He keeps inviting Bruce to visit him in prison. O.J.’s looking for a serious romance, and he thinks Bruce would make the perfect wife!”