OJ SIMPSON motion denied in attempt to deep-six prosecutors from fighting an appeal attempt in his 2008 robbery and kidnapping conviction.

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that Simpson's appeal to disqualify the Clark County District Attorney's Office from handling his appeal has been denied.

In legal docs, Simpson's attorney said that the current district attorney has more than a conflict of interest in the case.

Prosecutor Steve Wolfson is married to the Judge Jackie Glass, who presided over Simpson's trial in 2008.

“Doesn’t matter”  the Nevada Supreme Court ruled in denying Team OJ’s attempt.

Simpson, 65, was convicted in 2008 for a hotel room heist with five others – two of which were armed – to “reclaim” sports memorabilia from a pair of dealers.

 OJ’s defense team claimed during trial that Simpson wanted to retrieve family photos and mementos he charged were stolen from him after he was acquitted of a pair of homicides in 1995 — his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her male pal, Ron Goldman

He was later found to be responsible for the deaths in a civil trial. 

Simposn's appeal to overturn his conviction in the 2008 hotel heist has yet to be docketed.