Kris Jenner Hid O.J. Murder Weapon!

It was the 'ultimate betrayal' of Nicole Brown Simpson!

Kris Jenner OJ Murder Weapon National ENQUIRER F
Corbis/National ENQUIRER

A stunning new charge could blow the notorious O.J. Simpson murder case wide open!
The latest issue of The National ENQUIRER — on newsstands now — has the bombshell world exclusive, as an insider claims that Kris Jenner helped to hide the bloody knife used to butcher O.J.’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman!

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The insider spoke to The ENQUIRER after Kris confessed her guilt over the infamous slayings in a new TV documentary — and revealed how the reality-show matriarch could have changed the course of O.J.’s murder trial!
“Kris knew there was a lot to lose if she was sworn in under oath and put on the witness stand,” said the source.
The new issue of The ENQUIRER also reveals that even more evidence could have been hidden away in the home of O.J. defense attorney Robert Kardashian!

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It’s all part of what the shocked source described as Kris’ “ultimate betrayal to her dead best friend, Nicole Brown Simpson!”

Get all the disturbing details in The National ENQUIRER — on sale now!