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O.J. Simpson Pop-Up Museum Opening In Los Angeles

Lots of nostalgic 'murderabilia' will be on display!

O.J. Simpson
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On the heels of O.J. Simpson’s recent parole hearing, a new pop-up museum devoted to the disgraced football star will soon set up shop in Los Angeles!

“The O.J. Simpson Museum” will open in Chinatown for five days from August 18-22 at the Coagula Curatorial Gallery and will focus on the media craze surrounding his 1995 murder trial for a $5 admission fee.

The exhibit will include artifacts related to the trial when Simpson was acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman including collections of bootleg T-shirts and board games based upon the case.

The display is meant to attract those nostalgic for the ’90s and younger generations who weren’t alive for the trial but want to understand what their parents were so obsessed about, claims museum curator Adam Papagan, who attended school right down the street from the crime scene!

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“I’m sure some people might think it’s in poor taste,” Papagan said. “But for every one of those people, there’s going to be 50 people taking selfies and making jokes about finding the real killer.”

Papagan started collecting memorabilia from the trial that will fill the museum such as an O.J. library, interactive video displays, sports memorabilia, original artwork and a gift shop.

“Interest in the case has not waned, it’s only gotten stronger,” added Papagan of the trial that captivated the country over 20 years ago.

Also among the artifacts on display is a replica 1994 Ford Bronco, the vehicle O.J. was inside during his infamous police chase that year.