MILLIONAIRE Match­maker” PATTI STANGER may be a whiz at finding love for other people, but she’s striking out at find­ing herself a match!

Casting for the new season of her hit Bravo show has just begun – and this time the production will focus on finding a mate for the series’ outspoken 51-year-old host.

But there’s one BIG problem – as soon as potential contestants find out they’ll be hooked up with Patti, they’re running for the hills!

“Producers have already begun auditioning po­tential suitors for the new season, but some of the guys want to jump ship when they find out Patti is the ‘million­aire,’ ” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“Patti doesn’t hold back her feel­ings when she doesn’t like someone – and it’s that sort of attitude that is cutting the auditions short.”

Patti’s unsuccessful quest to find “the one” has been touched upon during previ­ous seasons of the reality hit. In Season 5, she be­gan dating contestant John Matthews, but they wound up being just good friends.

And in 2010, her long-term relationship with real estate executive Andy Friedman fizzled out due to a lack of passion, accord­ing to Patti.

And things don’t look overly promising even with the new sea­son revolving around her love life.

“Patti scares off a lot of men be­cause she’s tough, mouthy and speaks her mind,” the source added.

“Several of the guys are scared that she’ll emasculate them on TV, and they’ll have a hard time finding fu­ture dates.

“They want a shot at finding love with a millionaire…but they don’t want to be humiliated by the matchmaker!”