NICOLE KIDMAN’s stunning revelation – as her marriage to TOM CRUISE melted down she was plunged into the throes of severe depression.

Kidman was only 23 when she who married Cruise, her “Days of Thunder” co-star in 1990.

 The relationship crumbled and ended in divorce in 2001 after famously spending a year shooting director Stanley Kurbrick’s last film with Tom “Eyes Wide Shut”.

“I got married really fast and really young,” Nicole told Who magazine.

“But I don’t regret that because it got me (my children) Bella and Connor and I did have a fantastic marriage for a long period.

“Then when it didn’t work out I had to really dig deep and find my way through depression.

“I have no regrets about all of it. It was all part of growing up.”

Kidman says here her depression in the last days of her Cruise marriage stemmed from years of get pregnant on her own biologically.

“I had so much time thinking that wasn’t going to happen in my life and trying to understand that. I had tried and failed and failed and failed. Not to be too detailed, but I’ve had an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages and I’ve had fertility treatments. I’ve done all the stuff you can possibly do to try get pregnant.

“Every woman who has been through all those ups and downs knows the depression that comes with it.’

Nic finally succeeded with new hubby Keith Urban — having daughter Sunday Rose. “It is the miracle in my life.”