What The Zell? Nicole Kidman Steals Renée’s Face!

Nicole bears uncanny resemblance to Bridget Jones star.

Closeup Of Renee Zellweger'Face From 2014 Next To Nicole Kidman's Face From 2019
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Chipmunked-cheeked Nicole Kidman debuted a shocking new look at Italy’s Taormina Film Festival — a swollen, squinty face!

But her bizarrely bloated mug also caused spywitnesses to do a double take because the age-obsessed Aussie was a dead ringer for Renée Zellweger’s freakish 2014 face!

The twiggy Big Little Lies actress, 52, once crowed, “No surgery for me.”

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But an insider dished to The National ENQUIRER earlier this year: “Nicole loves her health and beauty treatments, which is why she embraces so many weird and wonderful procedures.

“It’s an open secret she wants to live to at least 100, and she’ll do what it takes to get there!”

Although sources said Nicole’s fountain of youth includes pig placenta facials, acupuncture and ultrasound blasts, some think she may have gone too far.

“Nicole’s look has changed so much since the beginning of her career — and it hasn’t been for the better!” said one observer. “It’s sad to see.”