Eye Of The Beholder!

Nicole Kidman Needs An Eyebrow Expert

Actress trying everything to tame her wild hairs!

Nicole Kidman
Getty Images

Nicole Kidman’s face may be flawless, but it takes a village to look so polished — including a professional to tame her unruly eyebrows!

“Nic’s eyebrows are out of control!” squealed a Hollywood insider to The National ENQUIRER. “She has a bad habit of plucking and tweezing the fast-growing hairs in the middle, which causes breakouts. She’s constantly running to her brow-designing specialist for shaping and threading.”

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The 50-year-old “Big Little Lies” actress has flaunted an array of different eyebrow styles over the years, ranging from thick and thin to light and dark. Once, she even resorted to getting them tatted on!

“Nic tried ‘permanent makeup,’ which is basically a tattoo, to give her brows a gentle arch, but they ended up looking too pointed,” the tattler said. “Fortunately for her, it faded over time. Now when she needs definition, she uses a dark-brown eyebrow pencil. At least that washes off. “But it’s a lot of upkeep.”