Nicole Kidman Banned From Daughter’s Wedding!

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Nicole Kidman “was devastated” after her daughter, Isabella got hitched in London and coldly left her mom off the wedding’s guest list — even though the actress was already in town, sources told The ENQUIRER.

“Isabella hasn’t seen Nicole much over the years and didn’t think she should be invited to her wedding,” said the insider.

“They don’t have a close relationship.”

Isabella Cruise’s brother, Connor, and her superstar dad Tom Cruise were also no-shows, reportedly boycotting the event.

Isabella, 22, was adopted by Nicole and Tom a little over two years after their 1990 wedding, She tied the knot with British boyfriend Max Parker in an intimate Scientology ceremony on Sept. 18.

The official line is that Nicole, Tom and Connor didn’t attend because makeup artist Isabella didn’t want a media circus.

But sources say Tom, 53, and Connor, 20, were absent because they don’t approve of technology consultant Max!

“Tom and Connor aren’t fans of Max,” the insider says.

“Yes, he’s a Scientologist, but he doesn’t practice the religion, so they don’t consider him a real church member.

“Tom tried to put on a positive spin, telling Isabella that he was doing his best to get out of his hectic work schedule, but he wasn’t sure he could.”

Meanwhile, Nicole, 48, was in London doing the play “Photograph 51” at the Noël Coward Theatre, which closes on Nov. 21.

“It hurt her deeply that she was minutes away from her daughter’s wedding, but never got an invitation,” says the source.

“She would have readily accepted a last-minute invite, but that just didn’t happen.”

Friends say that despite Tom’s boycott, the Mission: Impossible hunk picked up the hefty check for the ceremony and reception at London’s pricey Dorchester Hotel.

“Tom hasn’t seen much of his daughter as she mostly lives in England now,” adds the insider.

“Isabella didn’t want her mom there — but it hurt that her brother and father weren’t present.”