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Nichelle Nichols Diagnosed With Dementia As Courtroom Struggle Continues

Struggling 'Star Trek' icon still booking appearances!

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Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols now has her 
$10 million fortune under the control of money experts — after her son complained that she was being robbed blind!

A judge in California ruled that four financial advisors would keep tabs on her dough until the August 2018 hearing.

Conservatorship documents obtained by TMZ reportedly include a diagnosis by Dr. Meena Makhijani that says the 85-year-old actress has “moderate progressive dementia.”

But eyewitnesses report that Nichelle has seemed healthy during personal appearances, and remains booked to attend the WizardWorld fan convention in Chicago during August 23-26.

Nichelle’s son Kyle had earlier claimed that his mom has dementia and short-term memory loss, and said she was being snookered by unscrupulous people that he’s refused to name.

But her longtime manager Gilbert Bell has charged in the past that “Kyle has been trying to put [Nichelle] in a nursing home for eight years” — and claims the son is out to get his hands on her fortune, and plans to sell her home.