Disgraced televangelist JIM BAKKER hit shocking new low pitching apocalypse survival gear and “silver solution” enemas to worshippers in bizarre money making scheme.

.Financially strapped Bakker, 72, who owes the IRS $6 million, is pitching those strange products and others along with his book “Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse” on his website.

“Jim Bakker has appeared to hit rock bottom!” declared a close source.

“He appears to have no shame. He’s milking his worshippers for ‘end of the world’ products and enemas too, which is bizarre!”

For $1,700, plus $100 shipping, the holy huckster is offering a folding generator that operates on a solar panel. You can also purchase an emergency food kit costing $2,000, plus $750 shipping.

Bakker’s promotion makes it sound as if he is doing a public service, preparing his flock for the end times. But the religious relic is also sticking it to customers – by selling enemas as part of the $100 “Silver Solution Total Body Cleanse Kit.”

Sadly, his ex-wife Tammy Faye died in 2007 following an 11-year battle with colon cancer, but she’s not even mentioned on his website.

The former host of the Christian TV show “The PTL Club,” Bakker made headlines when an investigation into fundraising activities led to criminal charges after he pocketed $3.4 million from the funds raised.

In 1989, he was given 45 years behind bars, but his sentence was reduced and he was released in December 1994. He and his current wife Lori launched a new TV ministry in 2003. Called the “Jim Bakker Show,” it’s now seen on more than 50 affiliate stations in the U.S. and in more than 200 countries worldwide.