Joran van der Sloot, Natalee Holloway, The National Enquirer

New investigatiion: NATALEE HOLLOWAY’s body is hidden in a forgotten above-ground tomb on the island of Aruba – with another corpse, The ENQUIRER reports!

That’s the shocking confession mur­derous psychopath Joran van der Sloot made to a prison snitch at the infamous Miguel Castro Castro prison in Lima, Peru – and incred­ibly he claims that he used his laptop computer to e-mail a pal all the details of what really happened to Natalee.

Now a new investigation is set to blow the case wide open.

Peruvian authorities have examined Joran’s computer and recovered bombshell in­formation he thought he had erased. And the FBI is sifting through every detail on the hard drive to find the infor­mation that will finally solve the mystery of the Alabama teen’s mysterious disappear­ance in 2005 – and nail Joran for her murder.

In his sensational jailhouse confession, Joran told his fellow inmate he had murdered Natalee in a rage because she refused to have sex with him. He hurriedly buried her body in a shallow, sandy grave – and then later hid it in an above-ground crypt with a deceased Aruban!

Asource close to the case also says that Joran claimed his late father Paulus, an attorney who was about to become a judge in Aruba, used his influence to help dispose of Natalee’s body.

Early in the investigation, Joran’s father advised him: “No body, no case,” and Joran bragged to journalists that her body would never be found.

“Joran told a fellow prisoner that was because Natalee’s body was hidden in the coffin of a deceased Aruban – thanks to a payoff to a funeral home worker,” revealed an insider.

“Her body was interred in an above-ground tomb on the island. Joran bragged she ended up in a coffin with a dead guy with no one, including the funeral home, suspecting it.”

Initially Natalee’s remains were concealed in a shallow grave on the beach where she died until arrangements could be made to slip her body into the coffin the night before the legitimate funeral.

Joran bragged that he deleted from his computer all references to Natalee’s death, but FBI agents, skilled at recovering deleted data, believe e-mails confirming his macabre story are still on the laptop’s hard drive.

“It’s the dynamite evidence that could put Joran on death row,” Art Wood, a former U.S. Secret Service agent who investigated the case for Natalee’s family, told The ENQUIRER.

“FBI profilers believe Joran is the kind of psychopath who would have kept a computer log – almost a diary of his crimes.

“It could reveal for the first time how Natalee really died and how Joran’s father helped him dispose of her body and then cover up Joran’s involvement in the murder.”

All the details are in the ENQUIRER.