JESSICA SIMPSON’s parents have secretly split, and now the singer-turned-fashion maven says their prob­lems have soured her on marriage!

Tina and Joe Simpson – parents of new mom Jes­sica, 32, and singer/ actress Ashlee, 27 – have been strug­gling to maintain their 34-year union for a while, but sources say Tina is ready to throw in the towel.

“Tina got tired of Joe’s controlling ways, and she finally had the cour­age to stand up to him and say, ‘No more!’” revealed a family insider.

“She’s settled into a house in Malibu, while Joe has been splitting his time between the old fam­ily home in Encino and a place in San­ta Barbara.”

Now Jessica, who gave birth to daughter Maxwell on May 1, is recon­sidering tying the knot with former NFL player Eric Johnson, said the insider. They’ve been engaged since November 2010.

“Jessica was on cloud nine after Maxwell was born, and she was busily planning her wed­ding to Eric,” said the insider.

“But now she’s rethinking mar­riage altogether. She told Eric that she’s lost her faith in it. Ironically  Joe’s meddling contributed to the bustup of Jess’ marriage to Nick Lachey and Ashlee’s mar­riage to Pete Wentz.”

As The ENQUIRER report­ed in April 2008, Joe and Tina started leading separate lives after their daughters’ fame drove a wedge between them.

“Joe and Tina NEVER got back on track,” said the insid­er. “Tina is all about business and managing her daughters’ careers, while Joe likes to kick back at the country club and play golf. Now he’s Jessica’s manager in name only, while her mom is heavily in­volved in helping Jessica run her $1 billion fashion empire.”

Meanwhile, Joe – who was busted for DUI on Aug. 4 in Los Angeles after reportedly being stopped with a .12 blood alcohol level – is against a formal separation or divorce, said another source. “It would have too big an effect on the family gravy train,” said the source. “But Tina is leaning toward making the separa­tion official in  the next few months.”