PATRICK SWAYZE’s’s niece has stunned her family by marrying a violent neo-Nazi skinhead who’s linked to a plot to assassinate OBAMA!

Danielle Swayze – the 23-year-old daughter of the late “Ghost” star’s brother Don – secretly wed convicted felon Joshua Steever in August, and her fam­ily is reeling at the news, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Steever, 31, bragged about being a leader of the Supreme White Alliance, a racist group which had members that reportedly planned to kill President Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign.

He’s also the self-proclaimed president of the Aryan Terror Brigade as well as the New Jer­sey representative of the neo-Nazi skinhead group Blood & Honor USA. He had the word ‘rac­ist’ tattooed across his entire forehead and a swastika tat­tooed at the corner of his right eye.

Danielle met Steever online and married him just days after their first face-to-face meeting at a neo-Nazi event, sources say. When word of their wedding leaked out, she posted a Facebook rant threatening to “extermi­nate” the “rat” behind the leak.

But even her own father didn’t know she’d tied the knot!

“What marriage?” Don Swayze, 53, blurted out when The ENQUIRER informed him of his daughter’s nuptials. “Why would she marry a neo-Nazi? Are you sure? That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.”

When contacted by The ENQUIRER about his mar­riage to Danielle, Steever boasted: “It’s legal, it’s the real deal.”

Swayze – a longtime character actor who starred in the TV series “True Blood” – added: “I had no idea she was getting married. And let me make it clear – I would never in a million years approve of her marrying a neo-Nazi.”

When The ENQUIRER contacted Danielle’s mother Marcia for comment, she shrieked: “There’s no story here! Don’t ever call me again!”

Danielle’s parents divorced in 1993 after an eight-year marriage, and she hasn’t spoken to her father for at least five years, according to an insider.

But at one time she was close to her late uncle Patrick, attending the opening of the play “Lone Star” with him in April 2005. Sadly, the “Dirty Dancing” star was diag­nosed with pancreatic cancer in January 2008 and passed away at age 57 in September 2009.

“To have a family member marry a Nazi skinhead would have made Patrick’s hair stand on end,” said a source. “If he hadn’t already passed, this would have killed him.”

Meanwhile, skinhead sources familiar with Steev­er are warning his new bride to pull the plug on their quickie marriage.

“In my opinion, Josh is a walking time bomb,” a former pal told The ENQUIRER. “I think he’s evil and filled with hate. “He openly brags about the violent acts he’s com­mitted, and he’s so proud of his arrests that he com­monly refers to his rap sheet as his ‘resume.’”

In 2005, Steever was busted on felony aggravated assault charges in Texas, after beating someone with an ax handle, earning the nickname “Hatchet,” sources say. He was eventually convicted on a re­duced charge of deadly conduct.

He was arrested again in 2006 after three African- American high school students told police he pulled a knife on them and threatened to blow up Newark Memorial High School in California.

According to Alameda County court documents obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER, Steever was charged with three separate felony counts, plus one misdemeanor charge of exhibiting a deadly weapon.

In a bid to get a light­er sentence, Steever had the tattoo “racist” partially removed from his forehead. He was eventually sentenced to a year in jail and five years probation.

But Steever’s most heinous allegiance is with the Supreme White Alliance (SWA), an organization that boasts of being racist on its website.

“Josh used to brag about being a leading member of SWA,” the source divulged. “And he was very close friends with Daniel Cowart, one of the guys behind the Obama assassination plot.”

Cowart, 20, and an 18-year-old accomplice were arrested in October 2008 after confessing to a scheme to kill Obama, then the Dem­ocratic presidential nominee. They’d also planned to murder 88 African-Americans in Tennessee.

While Danielle apparently married Steever de­spite his arrest record and neo-Nazi leanings, she exploded when someone leaked details of their private wedding ceremony.

On her Facebook page, a furious Daniellewrote: “Alright Comrades … If anyone can find out any info on … who is the little anti-informant… 500$ bucks for their name and picture … There’s a “skin” rat amongst us who needs to be exterminated!”