THESE are the shocking photos NEIL PATRICK HARRIS doesn’t want YOU to see!

In a fit of anger on a cold New York morning, the Oscars host is snapped in the midst of a temper tantrum directed at one of his adorable 4-year-old twins – and is seen dragging the toddler by one arm down a steep set of icy cement steps!

The troubling photos were taken on March 3, outside the Harlem townhouse that the former “Doogie Howser, M.D.” actor shares with his gay partner David Burtka.

Without his husband or a nanny present, the 41-year-old entertainer appeared to be getting Gideon and Harper off to school – but the star suffered a meltdown, and onlookers said they were horrified by his “outrageous” parental behavior!

Said one spectator: “I was scared for the poor little boy because of the way Neil was acting – it was completely out of character. He had turned into the daddy from hell!”

According to the eyewitness, Neil barked at his kids to come down the stoop to the street below – a steep incline of 12 cement steps.

Explained the source: “Normally, as a parent, you’d want to hold your child’s hand and help them navigate down the steps – but Neil didn’t do that. He went ahead of them.

“Harper scampered down to join her dad without incident – but her brother appeared to need extra coaxing.

“Neil was very impatient – and when Gideon was slowly plodding along, reaching to about the fourth step down, Neil angrily shot back up and roughly grabbed a hold of his little boy’s arm. He dragged the kid the rest of the way down.

“Neil had a jawlike grip on the child, causing him to cry. But he still yelled at him to hurry up!”

Once on the sidewalk, Neil – carrying a shopping bag and holding a coffee – quickly began walking down the street, leaving both children behind!

“Gideon was still crying, but Neil didn’t seem to care. He wasn’t looking back at the kids,” said the eyewitness, adding that the children finally caught up to him and he hustled them into a waiting town car.

In a response about the incident directly to The ENQUIRER, Neil Patrick Harris has said he did nothing wrong. His lawyer Martin Singer said the star was simply “trying to get his 4-year-old twins into the car to take them to school,” adding: “His son was misbehaving and refusing to walk to the car so Mr. Harris lifted him and carried him to the bottom of the steps.”

Singer continued: “Mr. Harris did not drag Gideon down the steps, or injure him in any way The allegation that Mr. Harris committed child abuse by dragging his child down cement steps is outrageous … Mr. Harris was merely disciplining his child, as any responsible parent would do.

“Taking one’s child by the arm to direct his or her movements is much less severe than administering a spanking to the child.”