NEIL ARMSTRONG, the first human to trod the surface of the moon, is on the mend from emergency heart surgery in Ohio.

Just days after his 82nd birthday, Neil underwent the procedure.

Due to security issues media has not been informed of all the details as of yet as to what the exact nature of the surgery was nor where the “King of the Rocketmen” is currently recuperating.

 A NASA spokesman who talked to Armstrong's wife, Carol, said only that the former astronaut was recovering Wednesday.

On  Facebook, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden wished Armstrong a quick recovery from cardiac bypass surgery.

"Neil's pioneering spirit will surely serve him well in this challenging time and the entire NASA Family is holding the Armstrong family in our thoughts and prayers," the statement said.

Armstrong commanded the Apollo 11 spacecraft that touched base on Tranquility One on the lunar surface July 20, 1969, and as he stepped out onto the then unfathomable surface, Armstrong transmitted back to a breathless Earth "That's one small step for a* man, one giant leap for mankind." 

 Armstrong spent three hours walking on the lunar surface with astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin.

On Twitter, Buzz also wished Armstrong well.

Neil and his wife married in 1999 , making their home in the Cincinnati suburb of Indian Hill.

He had maintained a low profile in recent years—apperaing at anniversaries of the moon landing with fellow moon-men Buzz and  Michael Collins, and at a recent tribute to astronaut/ former Senator John Glenn.

From ALL your fans at The ENQUIRER and around the world — Feel better Neil!

*POP FYI: WHAT Armstrong actually said on the moon was digitally reconstructed recently using digital audio forensics by NASA.  LOOK IT UP!