NCIS star Michael Weatherly’s battle with dad!

But the two are best pals again – after being reportedly on the outs because Michael chose acting over the family business.

His father, Michael Manning Weatherly Sr., made a fortune as the American importer of the Swiss Army knife, and stories circulated for years that he was so upset with his son’s decision to become an actor that he’d cut him out of his will!

But those reports were overblown, Weatherly now says.

"No, no, there was nothing as dramatic as (being disinherited)," the 40-year-old actor, who plays Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on the hit CBS show, said.

"Sure he was angry when he was told that his son was closing the door on all these opportunities, to become an actor.

"He had produced Broadway shows and knew the pitfalls of the business, and looked at me at 21 and said, ‘Well, good luck with that.’ But I wasn’t shut out of the family."

A source close to NCIS added: "The truth is that Michael’s dad is very proud of what he accomplished.

"After college, Michael sold shoes, delivered pizzas…to support himself. Michael’s dad admired  the fact he pursued his dreams."