“NCIS” star PAULEY PERRETTE is so freaked out by her ex-husband she’s threatening to quit the hit CBS show and run away to Europe!

Pauley, who plays wacky but brilliant forensic lab wizard Abby Sciuto, recently told her Twitter fol­lowers that her former hubby, Francis “Coyote” Shivers, is stalking her – and she’s so terrified that she’s ready to flee to London with her bartender fiance, former British Marine Thomas Arklie.

Pauley, 43, and rocker Coyote, 46, were married from 2000 until a separation in 2004 and a divorce in 2006 – but that was just the beginning of the battle.

The two have slammed each other with repeated legal actions and re­straining orders in a war which has lasted twice as long as the marriage.

Coyote was re­cently arrested on charges of violat­ing one of those restraining orders after he and his new wife ran into Pauley and Thomas at Shintaro, a sushi res­taurant in Los Angeles.

“I know who my stalking predator is,” Pauley tweeted. “I lived with it for eight years. Six restraining orders – still won’t stop. I have to move.”

Pauley added that she felt authorities in California had not done enough to protect her from her ex, and that although she loved both the U.S. and her role as Abby, she doesn’t “want to die.” The likelihood of Pauley’s de­parture from the show has fans so furious that they’ve deluged Coyote with death threats.

He told the  ENQUIRER: “I’m terrified. Fans have e-mailed me, saying, ‘We’ll kill you’ and ‘Let’s shoot him in the head.’

“It has been a nightmare. It has gotten totally out of control!”

Concerning the Shintaro incident, Coy­ote insisted that he and his wife, Brazilian journalist and “Playboy” model Mayra Dias Gomes, did not know Pauley and Thomas were there.

“At Pauley’s instigation, he got up and came at me aggressively,” said Coyote. “He clear­ly intended to assault me or my wife and only stopped when he saw I had a camera and was taking pictures.”

Coyote added that he and his wife then left the restaurant. The following day he went to the police station to file charges against Pauley and was told there was an outstand­ing warrant against him for violating the restraining order, and he was arrested.

He spent 10 hours in jail until being re­leased on $100,000 bond and faces a hearing on April 23.

Meanwhile, a source close to Pauley said “NCIS” producers are panicking.

“Abby is by far the most popular character on ‘NCIS,’ and if Pauley leaves it would be a huge setback for the show – and many fans would watch something else. That would mean the loss of millions of dollars in advertising rev­enue to CBS,” the source explained.

“They’re begging her to stay, but Pauley is in­sisting she wants to get out of Los Angeles to escape her vengeful ex-husband.”

It has been a nightmare. It has gotten totally out of control