More National ENQUIRER Awards: Best ‘Celebrity News’ And More!

Charlie sheen cancer hell cover 1

No shocking revelation here: The National ENQUIRER is still America’s favorite celebrity news magazine!

The ENQUIRER whipped the competition by a wide margin in a recent nationwide survey by publishing watchdog AdWeek, and dominated the nominations at last night's National Entertainment Journalism Awards with seven selections!

No other celebrity magazine got even a single mention!

The ENQUIRER went on to win two honors in the National Entertainment Journalism Awards "Celebrity Investigative" category — placing Second and Third in the category for our bombshell exposés on a deviant Hollywood drug ring and Los Angeles' twisted obsession with plastic surgery!

The ENQUIRER's Editor in Chief Dylan Howard also claimed the top prize in the "Celebrity News" category for his exclusive interview with Charlie Sheen for "My Secret Cancer Hell."

The judges saluted The ENQUIRER for an "absorbing interview with Charlie Sheen about his previous health issues" — with the magazine later also exposing Sheen's deadly HIV secret!

Our readers aren't surprised by these honors, of course. The National ENQUIRER has a proud 89-year history of insatiable headlines, scandals and unforgettable stories that have made this title a household name! 

We report the unvarnished stories about celebrities: their antics, celebrations, loves, mishaps.

Plus, the ENQUIRER covers high profile national and international scandals like no other — with exclusive breaking news that wins awards!

Other awards nominations for The ENQUIRER this year include salutes to our coverage of Mickey Rooney’s tortured final days, along with busting open the secrets of Jay Z’s secret son and Barry Manilow’s surprise gay wedding!

These honors put The ENQUIRER up alongside Bloomberg News, The Hollywood Reporter, The Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times.

And best of all — The ENQUIRER gets action!

We exposed the horrific fate of 1,200 American military dogs who were purposely destroyed after their heroic service overseas.

After our blistering report and resulting uproar, the federal government quickly changed the laws to allow these brave canines to be adopted here in America!

We are proud of our coverage, grateful for the millions of “Enquiring Minds” who continue to read The National ENQUIRER, and steadfast in our mission that no matter what is reported, National ENQUIRER readers are first to know!