THE owner of the yacht that actress Natalie Wood was onboard before she died has had a string of encounters with her spirit! 

Ron Nelson, a former fight attendant who purchased the boat once owned by Natalie’s husband Robert Wagner, told The National ENQUIRER that her ghost haunts him, so much so that he wants to get rid of the “Splendour” immediately!

“I’ve been hurt twice on the boat mysteriously,” Ron confded to The ENQUIRER during a startling interview about his bizarre experiences. “Weird falls. It’s just like my feet came out from under me and I fell.”

In another incident with the vengeful spirit of the ill-fated “West Side Story” star, Ron recalled a very close encounter while sleeping in the bedroom during a trans-Pacifc voyage to Hawaii.

“Something sat down on the bed and then left,” he revealed. As a result, a spooked Ron had the yacht blessed by two Hawaiian kahunas in an attempt to “clear the spirit.” But it didn’t work.

In the latest incident, the “Splendour” sufered severe damage during the recent Hurricane Ana, prompting Ron to sell the waterlogged “full floating phantasm.”

He refused to reveal the asking price to The ENQUIRER but said he is taking ofers – hoping for a Vegas casino or a Hollywood-themed Catalina Island wharf attraction. “A nice little museum somewhere – where everybody can appreciate her,” he said.

Natalie was found drowned in the water of Santa Catalina Island, Calif., in 1981 after reportedly having an argument with Wagner, although he has never been charged in her death.