Three's A Crowd!

Natalie Portman & Michelle Williams: Freaky Love Triangle

Writer was wooing Academy Award winner!

Natalie Portman & Michelle Williams
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Best Supporting Actress nominee Michelle Williams has been dating novelist Jonathan Safran Foer for two years — but sources say he’s obsessed with Best Actress nominee Natalie Portman!

The Brooklyn-based writer was reportedly so smitten, he even divorced his wife of 10 years!

Foer fell head over heels for the Black Swan star when he and Natalie collaborated on the documentary, ‘Eating Animals’, based on his pro-vegan book of the same name.

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But there was a big problem — they were each married to other people and Natalie wasn’t interested!

According to sources, Jonathan confessed his unrequited love to his wife and ended up single — until he met Michelle.

But Jonathan and Natalie still exchange emails, and some of their revealing exchanges went public just last year!

“Jonathan still seemed in love with Natalie and was trying to impress her,” said a source. “That must make Michelle wonder if Jonathan is really over Natalie.”