Nancy Reagan To The Rescue For Impotent Frank Sinatra!

Nancy to the rescue for impotent sinatra ne short

Crooner Frank Sinatra turned to Nancy Reagan in his final years, desperate for feminine companionship — because of his impotency!

That bombshell revelation comes from the upcoming blockbuster book, “Sinatra: The Chairman,” which has been exclusively obtained by The National ENQUIRER.

Two years after Frank performed at President Ronald Reagan’s 1981 inaugural gala, he was “spending more and more time apart” from fourth wife Barbara, revealed author James Kaplan.

Frank had enjoyed torrid affairs with beauties like Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe and Angie Dickinson, but his problems with Barbara had more to do with his “impotence” rather than infidelity, added the author.

In Kitty Kelley’s “His Way,” published in 1986, the author insinuated Nancy and Frank had a steamy affair.

But according to James, Frank was pouring his heart out to Nancy about “his marital problems.”

Sadly, health problems soon followed.

He collapsed during an Atlantic City performance due to an intestinal inflammation.

“Doctors removed a length of intestine and attached a colostomy bag,” said James.

By November 1996, Frank needed open-heart surgery, but his doctors said his body was too weak to survive it.

And while Barbara said she sat by Frank alone as he passed, James claimed she was there with a publicist — plotting to turn Frank’s death into a “massive media event!”