Did NANCY GRACE waltz right out of her four-year marriage after competing on “Dancing with the Stars”? The ENQUIRER gets to the bottom of those rumors!

Fans of the pugnacious TV prosecutor are buzzing about how her wedding ring has gone missing from her left hand!

Atlanta investment banker David Linch slipped the ring on Nancy’s fin­ger when they tied the knot in April 2007. She gave birth to their twins, Lucy and John David, the following November.

But the ring isn’t on 52-year-old Nancy’s finger now, and The ENQUIRER has solved the mystery behind it: She hasn’t lost her husband – she’s lost too much weight!

“Nancy’s marriage to David is just fine,” a close source told The ENQUIRER. “But she dropped a ton of weight on ‘Dancing,’ and her ring didn’t fit any­more. In fact, she nearly lost it three times! She’s having it resized.”

When The ENQUIRER interviewed Nancy in October, she’d already sweated off 12 pounds, thanks to a grueling five hours of practice every day. She and her partner Tristan MacManus placed fifth on the hit ABC show, and by the end of her “Dancing” gig she’d dropped an amazing 25 pounds!

“It’s incredible,” Nancy said. “I didn’t even try. Frankly, it’s not a good diet. It’s the ‘I’m too tired to eat’ diet, which I don’t advise to anybody.”