Batman and Family Guy star Adam West secrets revealed.

The beloved TV star, 81, is shopping a new tell-all dvd on his website called Adam West Naked  — and no it’s not what you think – thankfully.

Adam’s raunchy tape is his wry and wacky account of making the classic Batman series from 1966-1968. And since the Bat-series hasn’t been officially released yet, it’s the closest you can get to caped crusading.

But more importantly Adam’s got a new series and it has nothing to do with being the animated mayor of Quahog.  He’s starring in a series of promos for Fox called What’s Adam West Watching

But how did THAT come about?

"They just called me,"’ Adam revealed. "I saw what they wrote and it’s my kind of humor. It’s my kind of comedy and I felt they were really onto me. Somehow they were able to lift my skin and see what’s inside.

"In other words, these guys thought funny."

And yet, the funniest show West ever did was never picked up by any network.  Despite shooting a hilarious pilot written by Robert Smigel (SNL’s Ambigously Gay Duo toons) and then-Simpsons writer Conan O’Brien, Lookwell featured a very deadpan Adam as an ex-TV show detective with continued delusions of crime-fighting  — sadly it never aired.

Good thing there’s YouTube!