No Myth: ‘MythBusters’ Gets The Boot Over Hosts Hating Each Other

Mythbusters ne short

Discovery Channel’s pioneering reality series “MythBusters” is getting busted up next year — because co-hosts Adam Savage (left) and Jamie Hyneman can’t stand each other!

After 14 seasons and earning the title of the cable network’s longest running show, Adam and Jamie finally will be rid of each other — after a bonkers farewell to fans! 

Scientist Adam, who eats up camera time, tried to be diplomatic about the end, saying, “It has been an incredibly productive marriage.”

Jamie, who’d rather focus on building and engineering than being filmed, is more blunt. He says they NEVER got along—with the duo joining the ranks of feuding costars like William Shatner vs. Leonard Nimoy, and Donny vs. Marie!

“We like to point out we’ve known each other for 25 years and never once sat down to have dinner alone together,” Jamie dished.

“We sort of managed to tolerate each other."

They’ll continue to tolerate each other through one last season, which promises to blow up a cement truck and crush a 60-ton tanker with steam — and during a “MythBusters Live” tour that starts this month.

But then they’re done — and it’s for keeps!

“I think it’s probably safe to say continuing our on-screen relationship in front of the camera is probably not happening,” revealed Jamie.

While hinting he thinks “MythBusters” has been a bizarre and terrible nightmare, Adam conceded, “The series finale is pretty amazing”—and added, “we did find a way to say goodbye,” which probably involves pain and blowing something up!