Mystery Death of Transsexual Who Gave Charlie Sheen HIV

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The transsexual who gave sleazeball Charlie Sheen HIV — and recorded the drugged up and naked moments all on tape — has died under mysterious circumstances, The National ENQUIRER has exclusively learned.

The sex-swapper who was hired by the coked-out celebrity trainwreck for a staggering $20,000 romp at his posh Los Angeles mansion is now “missing without a trace,” an associate of the woman confided.

Transgendered Celebrities — From The Out & Proud To The Secretive Stars!

In a staggering turn of events in the scandal that has stunned the world, The ENQUIRER has uncovered how the man-turned-woman knowingly infected Charlie, 50, after he hired her for an orgy to live out his ultimate fantasies inside his sex den of sin.

“Charlie contracted the disease during a two-week binge of wild debauchery,” a source close to the situation told The ENQUIRER.

“It was out of control. Booze, crack, hookers — both women and transsexuals — he had everything during the endless days of partying. Even men, too!

“Sadly, Charlie didn’t use protection — a decision he now obviously regrets.”

Said another source: “At the time, Charlie did not know the transsexual was HIV positive — and he took few precautions to safeguard himself from contracting the virus. He also made an incredible lapse of judgment. He allowed the woman to videotape it all!”

The explosive “tranny tape” was sold to the actor’s team of fixers for millions of dollars in a desperate attempt to preserve what’s left of his waning television and movie career, sources said. “The video has since been destroyed,” said one snitch.

But in a cruel twist to the case of blackmail, Charlie later learned he’d contracted HIV — after agreeing to fork over millions in hush money!

In the days after he learned of his deadly diagnosis, Charlie’s rage filtered back to the exotic beauty, who privately cowered at the thought he could seek retribution, according to a source.

“Charlie went into a maniacal phase and he blamed this transsexual,” said another confidential informant.

“She was terrified and went into hiding.”

The petite, naturally-endowed porn princess has not been seen since. Multiple sources told The ENQUIRER she has died.

It is not known if she met with foul play — or whether she succumbed to the killer virus she spread throughout the seediest corners of Hollywood.

The outrageous  disclosure that Charlie had a secret penchant for porn stars and prostitutes — of both sexes, and those in-between — will shatter his image as a macho womanizer and explode the AIDS scandal that has rocked Tinseltown in the wake of our world-exclusive exposé.

Now, The ENQUIRER can also reveal:

  • Charlie either directly or indirectly exposed as many as 1,483 sex partners to the virus since testing positive four years ago;
  • This brazen callousness has prompted calls for him to cooperate with health officials to control the potential havoc he’s wrought;
  • Charlie carried on a long-running affair with a gay Hollywood gadfly who is STILL in possession of a home video of the pair indulging in hardcore sex;
  • A third sex tape exists, showing Charlie smoking crack cocaine and performing oral sex on a male lover in Las Vegas;
  • Fourteen Hollywood starlets, including wild-child Lindsay Lohan, could have been exposed to HIV after swapping spit with Charlie on his failed sitcom, “Anger Management”;
  • He spent $1.62 million on escorts in 2013 alone, two years after he discovered he was HIV positive;
  • Charlie is now on the verge of bankruptcy after orchestrating a clandestine cover-up that includes dozens of civil judgments and hush money from those who allege he exposed them to HIV and passed on the sexually transmitted disease herpes.

Charlie — described by one shrink as a “psychotic sociopath with no conscience” — could face multiple criminal charges in California.

The ENQUIRER has obtained a secret sex contract Charlie had his lovers sign which prevented them from ever talking publicly about the experience.

If they did, they’d have to pay a $100,000 fine.

“It could be construed as a conspiracy,” said L.A.-based private investigator Dan “Danno” Hanks. “It could open him to additional and more serious charges.”

Prosecutors could also use a law that makes it illegal for an HIV-positive individual to have unprotected sex without disclosing their medical status to jail Charlie.

“It’s punishable by one of three state prison terms: three years, five years or eight years,” renowned L.A. criminal defense attorney Anthony Brooklier told The ENQUIRER.

A similar law in Nevada could apply to an April 2011 same-sex tryst that led to a $20 million lawsuit. According to the suit, the plaintiff — who also was not named — met the celebrity in Las Vegas on April 1, 2011.

The suit claimed Charlie “entered into a nefarious plot designed to lure Plaintiff into his luxurious hotel room to serve his prurient desires.”

Sensationally, it was alleged Charlie told the man he had “no venereal diseases.”

At that point, they watched porn and engaged in “mutual oral copulation, mutual self-gratification, rubbing and massaging each other, play-wrestling, licking and (unprotected) intercourse.”

The ENQUIRER has learned Charlie later settled that case for millions.

Likewise, Charlie is expected to be hit with an avalanche of lawsuits from those he allegedly exposed to HIV, in the wake of the TV lies he peddled to Matt Lauer on the “Today” show Nov. 17.

At least three women have subsequently contradicted Charlie — Natalie Kenly, Bree Olson and Cassandra Cruz — with many more making the same accusation behind the scenes.

Confirmed one top Hollywood lawyer: “I’ve met with at least 12 women — some of whom claim Charlie had sex with them in the week BEFORE his announcement — and never informed them of his status.

“He could end up spending up to $75 million to get himself out of the trouble he faces. He lied on TV — and that will be a problem!”

Desperate to ease his cash crunch, Charlie has put two Beverly Hills mansions on the market — one for $4.8 million and another for $7.7 million.

It’s Charlie’s long-shrouded gay lifestyle that’s the most astounding revelation of The ENQUIRER’S 18-month probe.

Proving just how vulnerable and reckless he was, The ENQUIRER has learned the dramatic backstory of sex, lies and videotapes at the heart of his marriage to third wife Brooke Mueller.

One pal of the pair has told how he hopped into bed with Charlie while the actor was vacationing with Brooke in Aspen over the Christmas holidays in 2009.

The source also explained the untold story of Brooke’s 911 call made from their rental home on Christmas Day.

According to a police report, Charlie grabbed Brooke by the throat, pinned her to a bed and held a knife to her throat while threatening to kill her.

“You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I’ll kill you,” Charlie told Brooke, according to authorities. “I have ex-police I can hire who know how to get the job done and they won’t leave a trace.”

At the time, it was assumed Charlie was referring to Brooke revealing his violent behavior.

But according to this secret lover, he and Charlie had sex, and Brooke filmed their bedroom antics.

When she threatened to publicly release the tape, Charlie exploded.

The source told The ENQUIRER: “I was with them when they had the fight. It was horrible.”

According to the man, he met Charlie through the actor’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, and the pair soon began engaging in homosexual romps.

“In the beginning Charlie would tell me it was just a fetish, that he wasn’t gay,” said our insider.

“We’d watch TV and movies, and he’d make me watch ‘Two and a Half Men.’ All of us were sober. (Then) I had sex with Brooke and him. The fact that we were doing something bad was fun and exciting.”

Shockingly, Brooke encouraged Charlie’s gay antics, said the source.

“She recorded us and convinced him it was a good idea so he could watch it when I wasn’t around,” said the paramour.

“She was getting him guys at the end. She was faking being supportive, though. She wanted to get divorced and wanted evidence on him.”

Said another source: “She used this evidence as leverage to have their pre-nup thrown out, and secure her $55,000 in child support per month.”

Charlie’s male lover revealed: “I saw him and Brooke doing the craziest s–t — sex orgies and parties, smoking crack.”

Such madness is consistent with Charlie’s frail mental state, according to a shrink who evaluated his behavior at The ENQUIRER’s request.

“Emotional and physical consequences mean nothing to him,” declared psychoanalyst Dr. Frieda Birnbaum. “That’s the classic behavior of a sociopath.”