RELATIVES of MUHAMMAD ALI are ready to rumble with ANGELINA JOLIE over plans to bring the ailing boxing great  to London for a charity event this summer!

The 70-year-old sports hero was slated to attend a gala benefit in his honor at the Victoria and Albert Museum sponsored by the charity Sports for Peace.

Oscar winner Angelina is a patron of the group and, along with fiance Brad Pitt, is expected to attend the July 25 dinner. The gala will raise money for the educational Muhammad Ali Center and for research into Parkinson’s disease.

“Ali’s family is thrilled that he is being so deservedly hon­ored,” said a source close to the ring icon, who suffers from Par­kinson’s. “But they’re convinced he is too frail to travel, especially after his humiliating appearance at a major league baseball game in Miami earlier this year.

“They think Angelina should have been more mindful of his weak condition before pushing for him to do this. The trip could kill him!”

In early April, a stone-faced Ali appeared visibly fragile during an awkward appearance during baseball’s Opening Night at the Miami Marlins’ new park.

The boxing great was wheeled  out to the pitcher’s mound in a motorized cart, his arms shaking uncontrollably as Marlins team owner Jeffrey Loria clutched his hand and held his shoulder.

“It was a pathetic spectacle,” said a source. “Ali never should have been put in that position. It was embarrassing for him and clearly upset the fans. He appeared more pitiful than anything else.

“But people don’t seem to care that he pays a price when he has to expend that kind of effort.

“If Angelina had seen him in Miami, she never would have asked Ali to make the trip to London. She would have seen that he’s not up to the task.”