LATEST: pop icon Peter Tork‘s ongoing cancer battle.

Former Monkee Peter Tork is too busy singing to let a little thing like cancer get him down but this past week Peter updated his Facebook status with:

".weds I was greeted by the good doctor (may his tribe increase), with the stunning news that 10 weeks after my surgery, the cancer is back. I was so taken aback by the news that I wasn’t able to ask much. dr did say that the chance is about 80% that they will "get ahead" of the growth, and be able to control and shrink it…didn’t feel a thing during radiation…i thank you for your attention and concern."

Back in March, Peter underwent surgery for adenoid cystic carcinoma – a slow-growing, rare form of head and neck cancer that was discovered on the lower region of his tongue.

His longtime friend and publicist, Therra Gwyn, confided she thought the performer was nuts when he committed to doing a gig in the middle of radiation treatments, which were due to begin June 8.

"For him, anything is possible," she said. "The guy was doing cartwheels at 65. He’s just not going to let this cancer get him down."

The tough-as-nails singer plans to have radiation treatments in the morning in Boston, then do his show at night in New York – four hours away.

"My plan is to rocket out of radiation and onto the stage!" declared the gutsy 67-year-old singer in an exclusive ENQUIRER interview.

He’ll be performing with his new band Shoe Suede Blues, while undergoing a six-week course of radiation treatments this summer.

"My doctors have told me I may be a little hoarse. But I’ll make adjustments as needed. I have every intention of giving a rollicking good show."

Peter believes he’ll be able to handle the challenge because being onstage is the one thing he really loves to do.

"When I’m singing with my band, that’s when I have that ‘God’s in his Heaven, all is right with the world’ experience" Peter added.