MONICA LEWINSKY is living the sad, lonely life of a near-recluse as she struggles to make ends meet.

The ENQUIRER has learned that the infamous 38-year-old, who will always be remembered for her shocking affair with President Bill Clinton, bounces from New York to Los Ange­les, crashing with family and desperately trying to live down her scandalous past.

“Monica’s self-esteem is at an all-time low,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“She’s given up her own place, and her handbag line crashed.

“Now she drifts between the two coasts and toys with ‘projects’ that probably will never get off the ground.”

Monica’s goal is to set up her own public relations firm, specializing in environmen­tal issues, added the insider.

“She’s alone most of the time and is pretty much a social pariah. She’s given up on ever finding love – and doesn’t even have friends.

“Monica still feels like she’s the punch line to a dirty joke.”

Monica was 21 when she be­gan working in the White House in 1995.

 Her sexual relationship with Clinton, now 65, created a worldwide firestorm and led to a Republican-prompted impeach­ment in the House and trial in the Senate, where he was found not guilty and retained his office.

In late June, the former White House in­tern made a rare outing as part of a small dinner party at Lucy’s El Adobe Cafe in Hollywood – where gawkers at other tables let fly with wisecracks.

“Monica looked emotionless and barely talked,” an eyewitness told The ENQUIR­ER.