Mike Walker

Casting Catfight To Play Monica Lewinsky

Claws are out for Hollywood's hottest internship!

Monica lewinsky movie clinton scandal
monica lewinsky movie clinton scandal

Mike Walker Reports… Hollywood hotshot producers and starbabes are foaming at the mouth producing the tantalizing, high-profile new Monica Lewinsky movie!

Tentatively titled “Linda and Monica,” the planned flick tells the headline-snatching tale of how nasty snitch/White House aide Linda Tripp spilled the beans on Bill Clinton‘s betrayal of First Lady Hillary — with that woman.

That sexually exploited woman, of course, being Linda’s friend, the voluptuous young intern Monica. And Tinseltown’s top young actresses are baring their fangs to snatch the sexy, headline/money-making role!

Monica Lewinsky Escapes To Canada!

Said my studio snitch: “Not since the original ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ have so many female stars chomped at the bit to pack on pounds in imitation of Monica’s voluptuous curves.

“Topping the wish list are Dakota Fanning (lower left), Shailene Woodley  (right) — and my fave, ‘Modern Family’ cutie Ariel Winter (upper left) .” Stay tuned!