' MOB Wives Chicago” star Renee Fecarotta Russo is a phony!

According to her bio on the new VH1 reality show, Renee, 42, was raised by her mobster uncle, “Big John” Fecarotta, following the death of her own father.

But Gary Fecarotta, son of the alleged loan collector and hit man for the famed Chicago mob “The Outfit” told The ENQUIRER that’s a load of baloney!

“Renee is an imposter, a complete fraud, and her claim that she was raised by my father, John, is bogus,” revealed Gary.

“She was never his best friend, nor was he her mentor, and she’s using the family name to get on TV and to make a quick buck.”

Gary says Renee was nothing more than a distant niece to his father – and that she only added his name to hers “to get a bit of street cred!”

“It’s clear she’s making money off of our name, and her appearance on the show is just making the family look bad and bringing back bad memories of our father’s murder 26 years ago,” Gary continued. “My dad would be turning in his grave if he saw what she was up to.”

John Fecarotta was gunned down by fellow mob hit man Nick Calabrese outside a bingo hall in 1986.

On the show, Renee claims to be loyal to his memory. But Gary says all she’s doing is digging up the past and glorifying the Chicago mob.

“Her role in that show is an absolute joke, and she has no right to claim that she has lived the mobster life,” he added.