Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe

ROB LOWE's stunning confession – he used to compete with CHARLIE SHEEEN to see who could engage in the most partying and STILL function on set during the wild and wooly Brat pack era.

Lowe, who's mellowed out somewhat in recent years, recalled sharing some hard partying nights with the Tiger Blood enhanced whirlwind when the old pals filmed separate movies in New York during the go-go '80s.

"We competed to see who could play harder, then show up for work and still kick a**. The verdict: Charlie by a nose," Rob divulged to glam mag Vanity Fair.

And in his memoirs, Lowe revealed, admitting he admired Sheen's spendthrift extravagance when Lowe was still struggling.

"At my house we are still saving money by not buying desserts," Lowe wrote.

"At Charlie's house, it's never-ending Haagen-Dazs, brand-new BMWs, a lagoon pool with underwater tunnels, and a lit, professional-grade basketball half-court."

Yet, Lowe has been bandied about as a possible replacement for Sheen in Two and a Half Men after Chas was fired for his antics.